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    A Short History of GoldieBoxx

    Thank you for your interest in GoldieBoxx. It may be a surprise to some but GoldieBoxx, a 1977 Chevy custom van has quite a following online. A simple google search will provide you with tons of links to custom van and automotive sites discussing GoldieBoxx. Usually on the first page of search engine results you will see a blog called the Strife of Brian. Brian, the owner and builder of GoldieBoxx covered the building of GoldieBoxx fairly extensively in his blog and instagram feed. Brian did extensive research before and as he built GoldieBoxx including online Vannin forums like those found on  As a way to give back to a community of people who helped him so much, Brian shared what he learned in his blog. The response was very positive and his posts about GoldieBoxx did seem to influence and help readers as they worked on their own custom van projects.

    For various reasons, it now seems a good idea to create an official site for GoldieBoxx.  Most people associate custom vans with the 1970s and most of the best and most famous custom vans were built long ago. The GoldieBoxx build started in earnest in the spring of 2009. For a recently built van, GoldieBoxx is quite popular and generally gets a positive reaction from all types of people. The goal of the official GoldieBoxx website is to create a home for all GoldieBoxx related information and ensure it doesn’t get lost in all the online noise. Check back often as we add new GoldieBoxx photos, articles about the creation of GoldieBoxx, van related how-to articles, GoldieBoxx merchandise and more.

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